Important Strategies When Designing Promotional Screen-Printed Apparel

Charitable organizations sometimes hire a screen printing business to provide custom t-shirts, hats, and additional apparel. The items can be given to volunteers and donors as a way to express thanks. The apparel also might be sold at events the organization sponsors or participates in. Considering effective strategies for the design as a promotional opportunity is advantageous. 

Fundraising Events

In some instances, screen-printed apparel is associated with a fundraising event. The clothing and accessories help people show support for the organization whenever they wear these items. Individuals wear shirts and hats connected with charity events for years. This is an excellent promotional opportunity for the organization.

Important Details

At a minimum, details on the apparel should include the organization's name, the charitable event, and the year or completion date. If there's room, the charity's logo could be included. That's not always possible on hats, but should be no problem on shirts.

Graphic Design Sizing and Placement

A screen printing business can help with the sizing and placement of the text and logo. The main details should be easily viewed from a short distance, around 3 feet, for example. People usually stand at least that far away from anyone who isn't a relative or close friend in a comfort zone referred to as personal space. The most important detail is the organization's name, and the second is the name of the event.

Color Considerations

A color scheme must be considered since certain combinations of hues make text difficult to read. The main color for the apparel could be associated with the organization. However, if the charity's official colors are all neutral, the clothing and accessories will not catch anyone's attention. Often, it's better to have the fabric in bolder, brighter colors. If this doesn't seem appropriate, neutral ones could be used for the fabric and brighter choices for the screen-printed areas. 

Ease of Reading

Flowery fonts and any that require effort to read are inadvisable. As a promotional piece, the goal is for other people to quickly understand the message when they see it at a restaurant, store, or entertainment venue. Most individuals won't spend a second of time trying to decipher the text on a shirt or hat when they don't even know the person wearing it. 

Relying on Expertise

Especially with small charitable associations, there might not be anyone knowledgeable about graphic design for apparel. The organization can rely on the expertise of screen printing businesses instead.