Important Strategies When Designing Promotional Screen-Printed Apparel

Charitable organizations sometimes hire a screen printing business to provide custom t-shirts, hats, and additional apparel. The items can be given to volunteers and donors as a way to express thanks. The apparel also might be sold at events the organization sponsors or participates in. Considering effective strategies for the design as a promotional opportunity is advantageous.  Fundraising Events In some instances, screen-printed apparel is associated with a fundraising event. The clothing and accessories help people show support for the organization whenever they wear these items. Read More 

Three Reasons to Choose a Multi Color Polka Dot Face Mask

While your top priority when you shop for a reusable face mask that you'll wear in public indoor spaces should be to confirm that the mask will properly fit and cover your face, you may also enjoy looking for a product that has an appealing design. Retailers that carry a wide selection of reusable masks will make it easy for you to find one or more masks that fit you well, which means that you can then turn your attention to choosing the right look. Read More